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Posted on 01/10/2017

Prague -- the Czech Republic’s dazzling capital city, home to over a million people and with over 1,100 years of fascinating history to explore – is one of the most exciting European cities to visit.

Enjoy the vivacious culture, hearty cuisine and historical architecture of the Czech Republic and some of the top destinations in Central Europe:
The Prague astronomical clock is one of Prague’s most iconic sights. It is a medieval clock originally installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still in operation. Naturally, it is found in the Old Town Square, on the southern wall of Old Town Hall. The colorful clock’s astronomical dial displays various astronomical details, representing the Sun and the Moon’s position, a calendar dial and of course, a frame to tell time. Four wooden figures surround the clock, representing Vanity, Greed, Lust and Death (the latter of which is represented by a skeleton). Each hour, as the skeleton rings the bell signifying an hour lost, the other three figures immediately shake their heads ‘no.’ After all, no one wants to lose time!
Wenceslas Square, named after patron saint of the Czech state Saint Wenceslas, is at the bustling center of Prague – connecting Old Town with New Town. Once a horse market, the vibrant square is now a commercial and shopping mecca, known for its restaurants, cafés and nightlife and is the location for many historical events, demonstrations and other gatherings. The Wenceslas Monument is one of the most iconic and photographed in Prague, featuring the saint atop a horse. It is just steps away from the neo-Renaissance style National Museum.
Prague Castle, originally built in the 9th century, is the largest ancient castle in the world, home to the Bohemian Crown Jewels and the current official home of the President. There are numerous gardens, churches, residences and even a vineyard within the castle grounds – and visitors may see the Changing of the Guards.
The Gothic-style Charles Bridge is lovely for a romantic stroll any time of day (or night). The main bridge in Prague, the historic bridge crosses the Vltava River and is embellished by 30 statues and statuaries of various saints.
Týn Church, also known as The Church of Our Lady before Týn, dominates the Prague skyline with its over 260 foot towers and Gothic spires. Inside, Prague’s oldest pipe organ (built in 1673) and Baroque altarpiece from 1649 always impresses visitors.
Constructed many centuries later -- from 1992-1996 -- the equally iconic Dancing House is striking in its jarring, daringly modern lines – made all the more so set against the backdrop of historical Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings. Constructed by Vlado Milunic and star architect Frank Gehry, Milunic’s original design of a building with both static and dynamic flow, was meant to symbolize what was then Czechoslovakia’s transition from a communist regime into a free and parliamentary democracy.

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