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Destination Wedding: Is It Right for You?

Posted on 01/01/2018

You've all probably seen images of a beautiful and happy bride and groom smiling in front of a seaside sunset, or jumping with their bridal party on a white sand beach, or even having a luxurious wedding at an Italian villa. These memorable images are only one of the benefits of a destination wedding. Here are 9 more reasons why it could be right for you.

1. THE GUEST LIST - Hosting a ceremony away from home is a natural way to whittle down the guest list, ensuring your're surrounded by your absolute nearest and dearest on your big day. But sometimes you are surprised by those invited guests whom you thought would not attend and do!

2. THE DECOR - No amount of tulle, lanterns or lights can compete with sweeping ocean views, blue skies, and tropical plants OR a gorgeous villa encased in foliage, twinkle lights, and maybe even a vineyard. Menus are often inspired by the locales and its fresh ingredients.

3. THE EASE - On-site planners and coordinators assist in making sure that all details are taken care of. So rather than juggling multiple sites and vendors, communication is streamlined between you and a small team committed to making your dream wedding a reality.

4. THE BUDGET - the average wedding in the U.S. costs around $26,000, but you can host a destination wedding at a fraction of that cost. Many beach resorts even offer free weddings!

5. THE VACATION - between time, money and busy schedules, it can sometimes be hard to get away. A destination wedding means that you are giving family and friends that oh-so badly needed vacation - and with details already worked out for them, it is less stressful than planning their own getaway.

6. THE DRESS CODE - beach venues allow for a more laid-back approach to attire, from sun dresses and sandals for ladies to short sleeve shirts and flip-flops for guys. Villa weddings may be a bit more dressed up, but still not the formal attire necessary at some "at-home" wedding venues.

7. THE QUALITY TIME - with a one-night affair, couples are lucky get a two-minute conversation with loved ones. But destination weddings allow for a variety of events shared together - from cocktail parties, excursions, relaxing together at the beach, and post-wedding brunch.

8. THE BUILT-IN HONEYMOON - Forget the post-wedding scramble of packing, getting to the airport and jetting off to your paradise. You're already there! Plus, there are often perks for couples who stay at the wedding venue.

9. THE MEMORIES - For many couples, the wedding day is a blur. But with fewer demands, more time with loved ones, and plenty of time to enjoy your destination, you can live in the moment and truly savor it, creating memories that last a lifetime!

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